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Ranch & Stable

Our Ranch & Stable Division offers equestrian and large animal sustainable construction profiles that are ideal for any horse or large animal ranch or compound where the safety of the animals is of principle concern.  Sturdy, green barriers with maintenance-free HDPE fence materials are ideal for the spectrum of horse and large animal construction needs with aesthetic appeal, minimal maintenance, and quality for years to come! 


We distribute SMARTERFENCE™ and other HDPE construction material choices that will withstanding harsh weather conditions and are extra-tough durable, impact-resistant, and recyclable.  This high-density plastic is impervious to sun and water and won’t shatter, crack or splinter, ensuring your animals’ safety.  


High Tek Deck’s products come in many strengths and colors and are versatile.  Whether you are repairing or replacing your fences, gates or containment barriers, High Tek Deck profiles are the eco-friendly answer. 

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