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Surround Yourself with the Best

Stylish and elegant, freeway barriers, or the proverbial white picket fence, High Tek Deck works with our manufacturers to deliver what you want--premium, eco-friendly perimeter fence products in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and textures!


Surround your property or create sturdy, attractive barriers with maintenance-free HDPE fence materials constructed of nearly indestructible recycled plastic, high-density polyethylene that is completely customizable. For extreme situations—retaining large animals or withstanding harsh weather conditions, extra-tough SMARTERFENCE™ might be the answer.


Fencing around the yard or public spaces takes on new beauty in exterior design and can really showcase your outdoor environments with High Tek Deck's rich selection of colors and textures. Our HDPE fencing products come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


No matter what type of fencing you choose for your residential or commercial property, you can always count on our staff to guide you through the process! We’ll provide you with helpful samples, explain all of your installation options, and schedule an on-site meeting to discuss design and installation procedures.


Put up your fence once and say goodbye to constant repairs, painting, and maintenance!


SmarterFence™ is an ultra-strong and durable fencing solution that is built to last for generations. This fencing system is made from structural recycled plastic composite building material that outperforms traditional fencing materials like wood, metal and concrete. 


SmarterFence™ contains a fiberglass strand that is engineered throughout  which makes it strong and durable to withstand extreme weather environments and abuse from large animals.   A common occurrence with all HDPE plastic lumber is expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, post spacing and rail length. The manufacturer of SmarterFence™  has created a technologically-advanced fastening system that anticipates potential expansion and contraction of the material, so when installing it you will find it has exact measurements for temperature and hole placement.


Like our other fine HDPE choices,  SmarterFence™ won’t rot or splinter over time, get insect infestations nor rot.  SmarterFence™will never require painting or staining because the color is manufactured throughout the entire product and protected by UV inhibitors.  It comes in a selection of colors and you can request wood-grain embossing on your fencing installation so it looks like wood!  


As the manufacturer says SmarterFence™ is smarter, better, stronger!

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