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HDPE Sustainable Construction Materials

Quality That Lasts a Lifetime

There are many residential and commercial lumber alternatives to choose from when it comes to building outdoor projects like decks, gazebos, docks, outdoor furniture, and fencing, but none of them will save you the kind of time and money that High Tek Deck's versatile "green" sustainable construction profiles will. Our products will last for years to come.


Our HDPE sustainable construction materials are manufactured to the highest standards and are nearly impossible to damage. They won’t fade from continuous exposure to harsh weather or sun and there is no need to stain or seal it! EVER! With a limited lifetime warranty that comes standard with all of our materials, you can take comfort knowing you’ve made the best product choice that will last a lifetime. Our maintenance free decking, dock and HDPE construction materials come in 12 different colors,  a selection of strength and durability, and surface textures.  So, you can find the perfect choice to match your style and preference.


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"About five years ago, we decided to install some benches in our outdoor waiting area.
We wanted a product that would require minimum maintenance, last a long time, would be comfortable and would look good.

We contacted Bill Flynn from High Tek Deck for the HDPE composite profiles.

We had the benches installed and are very happy with the results, as are our customers!"




Denny - General Manager Redwood General Tire

Redwood General Tire Logo

"About seven years ago, we were looking for decking materials four our 10x12 rear deck that we could put down and forget about. High Tek Deck disassembled the railings, replaced the deck boards, and reassembled the railings. It looks as good today as it did when they put it down. We haven't had to do any maintenance except to sweep and wash the deck down once in a while. And, the color looks exactly the same as when we purchased it. 


We appreciate working with knowledgeable people like Bill Flynn, the CEO of High Tek Deck. We are very satisfied with the HDPE decking they provided. "




Dieter Wilms - Cologne Auto Body

"In 2009, we chose HDPE decking profiles from High Tek Deck for our new outdoor deck. We wanted something that would last for a long time and not damage our beautiful natural environment.


We have had no problems since the deck was installed and we love that we only have to hose it down every few months.
High Tek Deck was easy to work with and helpful every step of the way. They know their products and are a great resource for decking and responsible outdoor construction options."




Terry - Woodside, CA

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